Thursday, June 20, 2002

Back to work after a good day off yesterday. Tawny got the all clear from the Vet, I got a keep on going from my Doctor and we filled up the skipbag thingy with some of the rubbish from the patio construction. Not all of it, cos the bag's not as big as we thought it was. Never mind, Jerry reckons he can use the rest of the soil once the grass in it has died out. We shall see.

We popped in to Argos and bought a new garden parasol and a upgraded the loungers so I also managed a snooze in the sun (but with burnt legged consequences).

BB on Tuesday night was good. Did a few new moves and a lot of yesterday was spent with aching thighs as a result. Really must practice the balancing on one leg bits though as I'm fed up with falling over.

Joan is in Ipswich again on a course today so I had her company on the way in, and will have it again on the way home with any luck. Unless they finish really early.

Not much going on at work today. I have managed to find something to do, but it ain't gonne fill the whole day. Perhpas I'll search for more exciting trivia on the web to stick here later.

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