Tuesday, June 18, 2002

And once more it rains like the month's quota has to be used up by teatime. And thunder as well. But it was so nice yesterday when I didn't manage to get out, not fair I say, not fair.

Last night was lovely. Joan had done nice things with the furniture and also worked her little socks off in the garden. So we had a great dinner on the patio and then just sat there for ages watching the birds feeding and frolicking on the lawn. Only a bunch of starlings and sparrows plus one pigeon - nothing exotic but fun and funny all the same. And just adore the way they use the bird bath. I think feeding your babies when they are as big as you is pushing family loyalty a bit amongst birds - although perhaps Mrs Starling had got the same idea as she was trying to shove huge chunks of bread down the poor thing's throat. So a very relaxing evening.

The sleepy bit wasn't quite the same - apparently I woke Joan up by thrashing about. I was dreaming that someone was annoying us in a theatre - after being hugely tall and blocking our view they then tried to push in front of us in a queue. I think I took it a bit personally and started attacking them, which was when I woke Joan up and she thus woke me up to calm me down. Very strange.

Not much going on at work this morning, so will have to think of something to make myself look busy.

Thief of Time proving well up to the usual TP standard - passed the 200 page mark already!

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