Thursday, June 20, 2002

Oooh, excitement! Just had to leave the building and cross the road to find out why the glass replacement people were hanging out outside our little storage building. Turns out someone broke one of the windows at 2 o'clock this morning and although the building is not alarmed somehow the hallkeepers found out and got it boarded up.

So, why do we not find out about the potential loss of our stuff until one of us notices the vans when coming back from lunch? Funny old system. Nothing was nicked though, so at least we haven't go to get into insurance forms. Then again, who'd want 200 bus stop flags? Well, OK, who apart from some of the people who work here then?

Our current ongoing problem here (other than bus companies throwing services in and expecting us to pick up the pieces which is an ongoing ongoing problem rather than a curent one) is bus shelters. We have started putting them in after a zillion years of leaving it to the parish councils and now the complaints are coming. One chap has even prepared a 27 page documnet of questions, policy statements, quotes from parish newsletters and all sorts trying to stop us putting one outside his house. He hasn't won though - it went in this morning. Ha.

And now Dave from First Eastern Counties has been in showering us with naff pens and keyrings. Woooh!

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