Monday, June 24, 2002

Another up and down rollercoaster of a weekend. Not so much in terms of emotions but more of activity and peacefulness.

Friday night Joan came home from work zonked again so had an early night. I watched a bit more tv and then joined her. A dull evening for spectators but it suited us.

Saturday went really well until the evening. Joan was at work so I pottered about a bit. Downloaded some more old games on the PC (and now can't get the music for Sonic 3 out of my head) did some ironing and entertained myself musically with the Savage Garden Superstars and Cannonballs live DVD (and now want to watch it again with the commentary (which seems like a strange option for a musical release) and also to check out the documentary) and also Slayer's God Hates Us All cos I just needed a bit of extremeness.

Richard came round for a couple of hours and then it was time to get Joan from work.

She was again tired so had a few hours sleep before Casualty.

Then the "fun" began!

We tried a couple of times to phone her Dad and got no answer. Just when we were beginning to bet a bit concerned he called back to tell us he'd fallen over and was stuck on the floor not being able to get up. Oh great.

Being 300 miles away we decided the best option was to call his home help and see what she could do. He thought he'd left the door open so it shouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately the door was locked and the neighbour with a spare key was out.

In the end the home help called the Police to come and break the door in, and then they had to get a joiner up to fix the frame. He finally went home around midnight. So, when we gave Ernie a last call to make sure he was OK did we get "thanks"? He just said he needed to speak to Joan's sister instead. Gratitude, what's that? We sometimes wonder why we bother making all the effort.

Still, he seems OK again now if a little sore from crawling around. He's got a hospital appointment anyway today for his foot, so with any luck they'll just check him over while he's there. It is his 82nd birthday on Sunday so hopefully there will be no more alarma and excursions before then.

Yesterday we had a lazy day. Well, we needed to recover! We were both up at different times in the morning with Joan up first then me getting up when she came back to bed. We finally managed to get ourselves synchronised in time for lunch with the Grand Prix. And at least Rubens was allowed to win this time to make up for the Austrian fiasco.

We both dozed off during it though, which again says something about the state of either modern formula 1 or the perils of aged parents.

A quick trip round the shops then we were back relaxing. Caught up with Holby's off tape then watched a film Joan had been lent by someone from work. Deep Blue Sea (I think, can't recall exactly now!) with Samuel L. Jackson and a load of people I'd never heard of (oh, and LL Cool J) being attacked by enhanced killer sharks. Quite fun in places, and some very good watery effects. I think it could have done with a few more people surviving rather than being eaten, but otherwise worth looking out for.

So now I am back at work for another week. Have got some time out of the office coming up to make it slightly less tedious and with any luck the sun will still be shining when we get home. More later as now I want some lunch.

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