Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Crivens, a Tuesday where things have happened. Will wonders never cease?

But first: Ernie was kept in Hospital thanks to some timely intervention on Joan's part. She had a good chat with the people up at the hospital before he got there for his regular appointment and explained recent events. So, he's in there getting looked after proper while we wait for them to decide what they can actually do with his foot. Of course we then got Shiela on the phone from Canada laying down the odds as she'd got them from Helen. Joan put her straight and hopefully things on the family front will begin to calm down a bit now. We spent most of the rest of the evening round at Ma & Pa's going through the saga with them and drawing on dad's experience and knowledge from within the care sector.

Then we came home and watched Big Brother! Slowly getting more and more drawn in to this series. We didn't watch the first one at all, and only caught bits of the second, but we watched the celebrity one avidly and are quite hooked with this lot now. The rich/poor divide has been interesting to see in operation. We now find ourselves sticking the live version from E4 on whenever there's nothing else we want to watch (even the interactive version with 4 feeds at once) and also the re-cap on normal Channel 4. Last night also did what I'm sure a lot of the viewers are tuning in for and showed us Kate in the nuddy. They didn't balance it out with one of the blokes though so I'm sure there will be complaints of bias and stuff. Will see what gets revealed tonight!

I also had another very bizarre dream featuring Genetically Modified talking monkeys who were now carrying out their own research projects on a specially built island laboratory thing. I really must get my head cleared out sometime.

Today I had an unexpected meeting with Bus Builder Optare and Ipswich Buses to sort out the spec for the new ones we are getting for Park & Ride. I thought it would be on Friday so had a surprise when they called me up to ask if I could come a bit later than planned this morning. Still, it all went well and I am now waiting for clearance to spend a bit more money. Meeting with East Lancs coach builders on Thursday for the other new ones.

That and actually getting out at lunchtime for a change meant I was able to get some music listened to on the way there and back, so have enjoyed Pink Floyd - The Division Bell and the first (self-titled) Masters Of Reality album. Top stuff. And called in to the Library as well and now have some other stuff to enjoy - will leave you in suspense until I do actually hear it.

The car has been looked at today as it was leaking something Oily into the driver's footwell. Turns out it was gearbox oil. There is a safety valve on the 'box but when that clogs the only escape is for oil to run up the accelerator cable and drip off the pedal. Nice! But tis now fixed for the princely sum of £38 so once more I don't have the excuse to get a new car or a bus pass.

As a result of that, though, I have had a lift in with Richard and will not be able to go home until he leaves work. Which is not likely to be until nearly six - a bit later than my usual average. Then we have hair cuts and Body Balance to fit in as well as checking on conditions in the North East and a bit of tv and dinner. I suppose I'd complain if there was nothing happening too.

I think that just about covers everything for now.

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