Thursday, June 27, 2002

Well, a large part of yesterday was spent out and about doing roadside and stuff (including assembling 30 bus stop flags for use) which was slightly hampered by us having to double back twice for things we'd forgotten and left behind. Still, it was nice to be out inthe sun and fresh air. Had a nice lunch at a pub in Stutton and an ice cream by Alton Water reservoir into the bargain.

Have had yet more strange dreams - one featuring a school reunion and wedding taking place at the same time (and I never did find out who it was getting married), one where I left this job and went to work for a printing firm - and my first thing to do was a leaflet I'd ordered the week before and finally one where the office got re-arranged and I ended up going away for Christmas with one of the new people we had to share spac with. All very confusing.

Today I have the other bus-design meeting so I think I'll do a teensy bit of work now before I head off for it.

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