Monday, May 27, 2002

Seems like things were still catching up with me yesterday. After fiddling on the PC in the morning and planning to iron through the GP, I proceeded to fall asleep during the first ad break and missed the rest of it! Oh well, at least the result was better than the last few. Will try again in 2 weeks.

We have finally caught up on all the ER, Holby and other stuff we taped whilst Shiela was here. Some cracking good episodes in the mix there. And genuinely upsetting in places too. And I don't mind admitting that either.

So, back at work today (although Joan is off - we'll get synchronised one of these days). No major repercussions from Friday, and everything pretty much as normal. We have, naturally, had some timetable changes come in before most people have got hold of our new books which kind of annoys me. I think most of them are minor but still, why can't things stay stable? Why can't I stay stable? Still feel like I could use a few more hours sleep and would rather be somewhere other than here in the office.

Not even had the motivation to listen to much music of late, which just shows I'm feeling down again. Got to pick up soon though.

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