Tuesday, May 28, 2002

A measure of consistency, that's all I'm asking for. Last night all was pretty much fine with me. I read a bit. Well, actually, I read a whole book! Mind The Gap by Simon James. A collection of photos of the termini of the various lines of the London Underground, so not actually all that many words to wade through but lots of wonderful images. Some of them even made me itch to get down to the Metropolis again. I then started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which looks as good as the first two so far.

I then coped supremely when Steve from next door (attached house) came to moan about cars and where to park them. Jerry, (not-attached house) on the other side has had the kerb dropped between our two abodes so we now have a nice shared driveway. He parked up there for the first time last night and I naturally parked in the remaining space outside our house. I used to park where the ramp now is which sort of overlapped the two houses, and Steve sat behind me in front of ours so he could keep an eye on the car. Last night he couldn't do this cos I was there and was in a right old tizzy when he came to ask what we were doing now. I think he expected me to immediately bow and scrape and move, but I just said we'd see how it went. Ha ha. We then went out for a walk so he couldn't come back and try again later.

So, basically, no worries problems or other hassles last night.

This morning though I was nearly reduced to a wreck by the simple problem of lunch! Went to make a cheese sandwich and found the unopened packet had turned blue depsite being within its date. Left me totally flabbergasted and upset. I couldn't believe it. Almost back to normal now, but not the best way to begin a day.

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