Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I won't say the dentist was pleasant yesterday, but definitely the easiest of the four visits. And I even had most of my feeling back by teatime which was nice. And on top of that parked in the same place again without a knock on the door. Serves the bugger right. The problem only comes about because they have two cars and there is only room for one outside each house.

Body Balance went better than last week. I think I will have to do some practice on the balancing on one leg bits, but otherwise I think I'm pretty much up to speed. And must remember to wear shorts next week - its amazing how hot you get moving slowly and holding position whilst breathing. The class was fuller than before too, so it was nice not to be fumbling around like a total newcomer.

Today we have decided (higher powers permitting) who will be running Park & Ride for the next 3-5 years. I like being able to make decisions like that. All we have to do now is persuade the politicians that closing it would be a very bad move and to just give us the money to get on with it. I often get the feeling that this job would be a lot easier without the political part of it, but I guess a council without politicians wouldn't exist very long.

Harry P is getting better with every page I turn. JK has been very skillful I've noticed in giving out info on Harry's background as we go along. It has been done in such a way that it feels neither like something has been withheld from us (just learned as he does) or that what we learn is an afterthought shoehorned in to an existing story. The latter has tended to crop up in some series I've read, where by book 10 people are referring to past events/meetings with a character we only met in say book 7 but are supposed to have occurred in the time of book 2. Or suchlike. I know it must be hard for an author to incorporate new ideas without compromising the back story, but it still grates. Of course, later HP books might suffer the same way. We shall see.

Tonight Joan is doing a staff training session at work, based on the work I did for her over the weekend creating a database of comment cards they have had in at the shop. I shall be interested to hear how it goes, having had an input for a change. Pity she has to stay behind late to do it though.

OK, time to write up the minutes of the trip to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago.

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