Thursday, May 30, 2002

Another morning at work. Took ages to get in to the PC this morning, and some git is drilling holes in the building at regular intervals making an awful lot of noise. To make matters worse, we have just had an email round saying that will be happening tomorrow. I wonder if they are just early or we will be getting it again. I'd probably have been better off staying at home at this rate. Although I am going to the launch of the Ipswich Open Top bus tour complete with free lunch later, so I can put up with a bit of noise until then.

Finished HP3 over breakfast this morning. Very good book all round. I now have the big problem to face - do I go on to The Goblet of Fire fairly soon or put it off to make the wait less for book 5? Oooh, decisions! Not sure what book to open next - watch this space.

Now to do some work - have to phone some woman who wants to know why her bus doesn't seem to appear in our timetable books. I wasn't aware we'd missed any and will be most annoyed if she turns out to be right.

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