Thursday, May 30, 2002

Hoorah, I was right about the buses. I think basically she had lost the plot slightly. There seem to have been a lot of those on the phone over the last couple of days.

The Ipswich tour was good. A very interesting commentary and I certainly learned a few things about the town I'd never have guessed at. Not sure if I'm 100% keen on the City Sightseeing livery on the bus, but that's the price you pay for getting in with a multi-national organisation I suppose. A bit windy going over the Orwell Bridge and there were a couple of trees that still need trimming, but otherwise a good route. Lunch was at the Tolly Cobbold brewery and very nice too. Got a free bottle of City Sightseeing Ale to take away too. The room we were in had an enormous collection of celebratory and special beer bottles all round the walls - and it was nice to see that they weren't all Tolly ones either.

It is another money off everything day tomorrow at Homebase but I think we will go up tonight for the cardholders preview. The crowds last time were just ridiculous and Joan wants a few bits and bobs. We also need to get a trellis pannel to finish off the patio area but I'm not sure if that will fit in the car.

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