Saturday, May 25, 2002

Feeling a bit more human again today. Probably because apart from a couple of phone calls we were pretty well left to our own devices last night. Watched Harry Potter off DVD at last and enjoyed it just as much as at the cinema and reading the book. Hoping they make as good a job of translating the rest of the series.

Today has been a frenzy of ironing, with a bit of light painting and stuff thrown in. I was of course outside up a ladder about to paint the light when the heavens opened, but that just seems to be the norm lately. Have managed it now though. I also watched the qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. Haven't watched any of the last two races as I was getting a bit bored of the Schumacher Show, but after all the controversy following the last one I thought I'd give it another go. And a very good session it was too. Am actually looking forward to the race tomorrow. And Joan is at work so I will have to watch it to stop myself getting lonely. Or something!

Time to do a bit more work now.

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