Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Monday night was too long! Picked Joan up just after 11, so half past by the time we got home, and nearly 12 when we got to bed. Had a real problem staying awake during the course yesterday. Still, she had a really good time and I think the whole company is going inthe right direction at the moment, so perhaps things will get a bit easier for her. I also watched The Italian Job rather than any DVD stuff - one of my all time favourite films of all time.

Yesterday was the Work/Life course. Not the most useful day I have ever spent. People who have been on it before rated it really well, but we had a different guy running it and he spent half the time telling us about other people he's seen on other courses etc. Not very relevant to us unfortunatley though. His main thrust was that most companies will probably let you work less if you want to. What I was looking for were ways to make the work bit less demanding and for it not to intrude on my home life, not how to earn less money. I shall read the course material over again sometime to see if it makes better sense with a bit of hindsight, but I think this subject may be one for a few hours in the library instead.

In the evening Joan and I went to a new BodyBalance course that was on at the Leisure Centre across the road from us. It is mainly based on Yoga but adds in bits of Tai Chi, Pilates and a whole bunch of other stretchy bendy balancy things. We really enjoyed it and will definitely be back next week. I never thought moving slowly could be so exhausting though. Looking forward to getting a bit more flexible and staying on better shape. Plus being the only chap in a class of 25 has certain advantages too. And I'm not in agony today, which is nice.

This morning has not been so good. They decided Dawn should stay on as acting manager until we get a new one. I'm not too bothered about not having the work and stress involved in it, but I could use the money. As a consolation prize I get to be on the team that will be looking at all the jobs we do in here and deciding who will do what in the end. So, I will try to make myself a nice job at the end of it with more money! Not sure how it will go, though. Watch this space. I shall also keep looking in the papers on a wednesday to see what else is coming up.

Now I have a tedious sounding meeting to go to, which will probably manage to keep me away from unloading the new area books for a change.

Tonight the girls are at the bingo for the final time. Shiela & Helen have been twice without Joan but not made major wins. I shall chill out and enjoy myself.

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