Sunday, May 19, 2002

Ended up going round to Ma & Pa's for dinner. V tasty plus had a good old sesh on the Dreamcast with Richard. Thrashed him 20-2 on Dead or Alive 2. Ha! Mind you, in real life I think I lost a teensy bit - slipped on the threshold entering our bedroom when getting changed to go round and hit the deck with a mighty wallop. Arm and leg look like they will have some interesting bruises later.

Joan arrived safe and sound after a pit-stop at Donington (although it seems they got lost at one point) and hopefully is finishing a nice dinner now. Just waiting to hear when she gets back to her room so I can say goodnight. Ah, bless.

Also picked up an Atari ST emulator today and a couple of games to make sure it worked. Will have to get a shedload more now of the good ones. Llamatron with sound again. Wa-hay. Going to have a bath and an early night now I think.

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