Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Went out for a wander with Richard at lunch time. I think he will do OK once he settles in. If they get round to telling him what to do of course rather than leaving him sat there with no idea. And I'm not giving him a lift home either as I need to be at Argos before he is planning to finish. Must remember that he isn't my responsibility and he is (reasonably) grown up and everything now.

Have had my designers hat on again today. Stil fiddling with the structure chart thingy I've been working on for Mitchell. Also begining the crafting of the New Routes explanatory booklet. Need to add a splash more colour to that as well as the facts just to make it a touch more visually interesting. Plus I think we will need some new and improved photos to illustrate our points so hopefully the sun will come out soon and I can wangle a day wandering around the county taking them.

There has been another load of blowing up from assorted people in here today due to things going wrong or being dumped on them through the new structure. In some ways I'm kind of glad I did stay where I am in terms of what I do for now as at least I'm not suffering in that way.

Had a phone call from the normal dentist earlier. They have now had a letter from the specialist and wanted to make an appointment for me to talk it all through with him and get the bits done that need to be done in Felixstowe. Except of course that can't happen before I am supposed to see the Colchester Hygenist at (no doubt) vast expense. So we are going to see if we can at least pop in for a chat before then. Still not sure what I want to do in myself, other than avoid pain where possible. I just wish the thought of losing my teeth was actually scarier than the prospect of what it will take to save them - that would no doubt shove me in the right direction. And then there is still the exorbitant cost to consider. Right, nearly time I wasn't here.

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