Monday, March 10, 2003

Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men and all the rest of that quote I can't remember right now. Fair does your head in some day. I mean, I've only been in communication with a local school youth club for months now trying to arrange a convenient date for getting some pictures of them to use in the Park & Ride newsletter and finally settled on Thursday this week. With some models they made of the buses. Which only got thrown away by an over zealous teacher last week. Makes me want to scream! Still, they are going to use the service in a couple of weeks so I will grab hold of them then instead (and please, no funny remarks about me grabbing hold of school girls). Puts the newsletter back a few days on my planned publication date and changes the focus of what I was going to write a bit but does at least give me more time to think up what else I can cover.

This afternoon's meeting went OK. A big wave of tiredness caught me near the start of it by I managed to pull myself together again. I seem to have been nominated to summarise it for the rest of the group next week, but that isn't too much of a hardship as it will at least give me something to think about and play around with on the computer in the gaps until then.

I was planning on going home as soon as I got out of it too, mainly to get some dinner thoughts organised and close my eyes for a bit, but as another hour has passed since then and it is now nearly time I would have left normally, I think I will give that concept a miss. And of course tomorrow who knows when I will leave, what with Richard starting and all. He has made it very clear that he doesn't want a lift in with me to start with as it will get him here too early but has said nothing about going home again. After all, we don't know whether he will be allowed to park on site and I can't see him paying £3.50 a day to use the nearest public parking. Hey ho.

I think I've waffled on here enough today so let me get away.

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