Monday, March 10, 2003

This morning's big meeting on Park & Ride went OK. Basically the chap from our contracting unit agreed to do the studies into site improvements I want and Mitchell agreed to pay for them from the capital budget rather than my P&R ones. Bit of a result really. However I have now been given responsibility for any local action plan work or other miscellaneous stuff that comes up in Suffolk Coastal. Now, this should be good news as it will mean a bit more work to fill in the quiet patches and most of the involvement is likely to be in Felixstowe rather than other parts of the patch. The county has been split between the team so there might well be some sort of competitive spirit engendered now over who gets the most out of their area. We shall see. Whatever happens at least I've got "home" turf to think about.

It is also blinking freezing in the office today. Just when I thought it was going to be safe to put the jumpers away until the autumn too. Not cold enough for me to think about taking up hot drinks though - especially with the state the kettle here seems to be in (based on the complaints about scum and general crap floating in drinks most people give, but no-one ever wants to clean the thing out so they only have themselves to blame).

On the news this morning was a call from the RAC to investigate whether people on anti-depressants ought to be driving or not. I kind of agree with them the way I've been feeling some mornings recently. Which is of course another good incentive to keep up with the withdrawal process. I'm quite looking forward to the end of next week when I will have to decide if the time is right to cut down further or to stay where I am for a bit longer. As most of the problems I've had since cutting down have been physical rather than mental or emotional I am currently thinking I will. Plus we are actually off that weekend to see Chicago on the Saturday and I have the dayy off work on the Monday which should all help with the immediate alteration situation should anything arise.

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