Monday, March 10, 2003

Well that was a largely wasted weekend. Saturday I got up, had a spot of breakfast, realised I had a bit of a headache, went back to bed and woke up again at lunchtime. I followed lunch with a bit of Cube-ing, decided I still felt ill and went back for another couple of hours. Only really got up when it was time to pick Joan up from work.

Had perked up enough by then to go round to Ma & Pa's for a nice dinner, but we were both a bit zonked by the time we got home again.

Yesterday Joan was in much the same boat and she had the late start and afternoon snooze. We did manage to squeeze in a bit of shopping and watch the Grand Prix, but that was it.

So, what did I think of the first race under 2003 rules? Not bad. I'll be honest, I'd not been paying attention over the winter so wasn't up to speed with what the new rules actually were. The new qualifying method looks very interesting even if it didn't throw up any major surprises this time around, and will certainly be worth watching. And it was good to see Coulthard win. I will see how the season goes...

Cube-wise what I did was to thrash through another couple of levels on Timesplitters 2. Some great set-pieces lurking in there (such as the use of Gunpowder trails to blow up a wagon of dynamite in the Western Level) and I'm looking forward to running through them all again on harder difficulty and in co-op mode some time. Plus they are a good source of inspiration for when I start messing about with the map-maker options. Roll on some spare time to experiment!

Did a spot of MP3 to MD transfer while I was ironing yesterday. Another disc's worth of Cruel Brit@nnia who I urge people to go and look for. Really rather clever stuff and again fitting in the category of music I wish I had the time and talent to make.

All the sleep naturally lead to some pretty bizarre dreams again. One I think must have been inspired by the Western TS2 level mentioned above. Joan and I were going to an old west themed wedding where all guests were expected to attend in costume. Nothing too odd there except that it was Joan who went as the leather chapped gunslinger and me as the saloon floozy. And of course nobody batted an eyelid.

The other big one I recall was another full-on production number featuring superheroes in department stores, helicopter attacks on family homes and much other strangeness. Left me feeling quite exhausted when I woke up!

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