Friday, March 14, 2003

Well, Richard has made it in today (afternoon only as directed) so I will be taking him home. Which does of course mean that I have to stay until five now. I was kind of hoping to slope off early as the weather was so nice but I guess it is not to be. Never mind, three days should do me instead.

Comic Relief today so we are mostly dressed in a "relaxed" manner and red hair is spreading throughout the office. I didn't get a chance to pop up town at lunchtime, but there were apparently plenty of strangely dressed fools trying to get people to part with their money. And of course a marathon of comedy and serious stuff on the telly tonight. We have been watching the celebrity version of Fame Academy all week and been quite impressed by some of the talent on display. I wish I could sing some days...

I am just really bored again this afternoon. Loads of jobs both large and small waiting for my attention but I can't face any of them. Plus I feel like picking at chocolatey foodstuffs and am trying to avoid such temptations, which is never easy.

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