Thursday, January 09, 2003

Wrote this and put in on the Llamasoft forum earlier today:

Sense Of Wonder.

So here I am at nearly 32, currently fed up with my job as it isn't challenging me at the moment (although that may change, I've been called to a meeting with my boss and his boss this afternoon about my work, hopefully they have some more stuff for me rather than just a bollocking for spending too much time on the internet). It's winter and grey and cold and yucky most of the time. The bills are going to come in from Christmas any day and make my wallet cry.

But, last night, with the help of one DVD I got back that sense of wonder and joy and everything seemed a lot better.

We were watching The Abyss, having finally got round to buying the special edition half price in Smiths sale.

Now, I've seen if before. We were interrupted by the phone and other breaks for natural functions to occur. I was also flipping through the booklet scene by scene to read what they'd added from the original version. And yet...

By the end of it I was sitting open mouthed with a big smile on my face. Fully in tune with the characters and what they were going through. Enjoying as if new every revelation or glimpse of the aliens.

It was truly wonderful.

And something I've not had since this time last year when I first watched The Fellowship of the Ring on the big screen and thought it looked exactly right.


It got a good response which was nice. Especially as the meeting was kind of a stop surfing and start working/we see you are in a rut how can we help kind of combination. I have been down of late, as regular readers will know, and I have needed something like that. Hope it does the trick and also that the promised support materialises. Especially as the anticipation of the meeting was horrible, leading to me sitting out in a church yard for half an hour at lunchtime, some of it on the phone to Joan in tears with worry. God, I hate being me somedays.

All of which might mean fewer postings on here but I am going to try to keep up and get myself re-motivated. Hopefully some of the new things coming up will give me the challenges I need.

Off home now for more fretting and consolation I'm sure.

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