Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Well, what started off as a slight sprinkling while I was coming in to work now seems to have progressed to a full and proper snowfall situation. NOT looking forward to driving home tonight if it keeps on like this. Still, better than when I used to work in Newmarket I suppose. That really was a nightmare a couple of times.

My turn for the strange and confusing dreams last night again. Some snippets featuring strange underwear and trying to get families together but mostly trying to help my friend Cara claim some money she was owed from the army unit stationed in our college (??) whils avoiding the animated goat statues (also ??). Sometimes it would be nice to just sleep without my head wandering off!

Main job for today would appear to be looking for errors in the latest build fo our database that still doesn't work. Time to get really petty and vindictive I think.

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