Sunday, January 05, 2003

Last night went very well indeed. Lots of fun and laughter from all, and good food as well (my Joan sure can cook). Some of the piccies plus some from Christmas and other recent gatherings are now at if anyone wants to look!

Had a good day today as well. No snow, but the sun has been shining making all well in the world. Had a late start then went into town for lunch. Also managed to buy another two DVDs (Monsters Inc. and The Wizard of Oz) - must try to stop myself now at least until after my birthday. Then to Safeway for food and back here. Jerry came in for a coffee and another good chat ensued.

Now Joan is off at Bingo, surely they will have to get lucky and win something this time. I'll be off to pick them up later but now have time for a spot of something else.

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