Monday, January 06, 2003

Brrr, more than a bit nippy cold this morning. Even had to scrape ice off the car for the first time this winter (first time for this car come to think of it). Only the rear windscreen though as being up on the driveway shelters the rest of them. Could this be my lucky winter? We shall have to wait and see.

Everyone back in the office today having survived their Christmas revels and New Year frolics. Which means I am back to using headphones plugged in to the PC to keep my sanity as well as just for the entertainment. Todays a selection of seriously chilled-out stuff as recommended by someone on the Llamasoft Forums. Very interesting listening so far. Will have to go rummaging more I think.

Very vivid strange dream last night so I think I will write it up. Started in a semi-normal fashion (!) with David Attenborough wanting to film a wildlife prog in our back garden. He got even more excited when Tawny came along so she ended up being filmed too. After that it got stranger, as our current garden was tacked on to the old house in Welwyn Garden City but everything else was as in Felixstowe. So we were having a post-filming party with all our current neighbours (including Patti wandering around with her top off for no logical reason) and people I work with. All got very confusing trying to explain to people why the house was so different from all the othes in the street.

Hmm. Time for lunch now I think. Oh, they didn't win last night either. But at least it wasn't as smokey as last time so Joan isn't coughing and spluttering as much today.

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