Friday, January 10, 2003

And so we wait. Due for training in the new database today, but nobody really knows when it is due to start so we sit and wait. I have seen one of the training people, but he didn't see me (which was pretty cunning I reckon).

Anyway, calmed down finally last night, but still felt a bit wobbly and stuff. Now, part of the problem was my fault I admit but having gone through such a crappy year I think some proper support should have been more forthcoming a bit earlier. Oh well, we will just have to see how it goes from now on. I do still have my eyes peeled for other opportunities - there just don't seem to be any at the moment.

On a brighter note, the new series of ER finally started on E4 last night. Hoorah for Satellite TV! Bit of a gruesome way to start the series but really good, solid drama that made the ad breaks more tolerable. I'm sure they only had two when they first started to show it rather than the three we get now. If the show wasn't so damn good it would be far too easy to lose track of the plot the way they break it up like that.

Joan is off tomorrow, which is good as the weather is forecast to get worse again tonight. However, if they are wrong or it clears up by lunchtime we will be coming in to Ipswich to see Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Having re-watched Fellowship and seen the reviews etc I am so looking forward to this one. Then will start to delve into the other two discs in the DVD box. Mainly to find out what the extra material there covers, as it could well be that there will be extended and enhanced versions of all three films available. That will just be wonderful in my opinion. I know that purists reckon they have changed too much from the original books, but I am realistic enough to see why they had to for a cinema audience and am sure I can enjoy the two different versions equally. After all, the whole thing just looks so much like I'd visualised it that even though I will be looking for differences next time I read the book I reckon it will still be fully enjoyable.

Right, let's see if they are ready for us now.

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