Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Woo. Proper snow last night meaning a couple of inches lying all over this morning, cars to clear and all sorts. Journey into work was only a problem because of other pepole as the roads themselves were nice and clear by then. Just loads of people blocking my way by queueing to get round other routes or whatever and not leaving gaps. Plus of course the kids were back to school today and obviously couldn't be walking in this weather. Lazy trolls.

Joan had the strange dream last night - something about getting a pet duck. Must stop her drink!

Not much else to say for now. Didn't go out at lunchtime yesterday and not planning to today either. Too many temptations in the shops. Joan was supposed to be going out for a "farewell" meal with Tracey tonight but that has been postponed by the weather so we will have a relaxed and snuggly evening instead.

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