Friday, April 05, 2002

Grim lunchtime. The sun was still doing its thing, but the wind has come back and everywhere not being shone upon was decidedly chilly. Add that to spending too loong in bookshops looking but not buying and realising that I have a stack of unread books and no time to read them and you get a gloomy Simon. Perhaps starting the week after next I shall start taking my lunchtime wanderings to a comfy bench somewhere and reading. Might get closer to the speed I used to devour books at when I was still at Argos and read whilst eating. Trouble is here I feel odd doing that cos I'm sat at my desk not in a cosy staff room. Plus there's the web to read then as well. It should also mean a reduction in the impulse purchases I tend to indulge in simply because I'm wandering round the shops. I'll let you know!

Even the production of cake by m'colleague Danny for no reason other than he felt like it has done little to lighten the mood. Will run out of tablets to keep the smile on my face next week so have made an appointment with the Doctor. Why is it that every time I have a few good days and think now is the time to come off them for good, something like this comes and makes me change my mind again? Perhaps I should just go and get drunk instead. No, perhaps not. At least not until I've got rid of the tablets, if I do.

But, walking around town feeling like I want to just keep walking rather than coming back to the office is not the best way to end the week. So I forced myself in and have written a few e-mails just to keep myself looking busy. Don't think I can keep this up much longer. But what other job would give me the lattitude I sometimes cope with?

Definitely leaving here early today, even if just to nurse the car home! So only 30 mins or so to go.

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