Thursday, April 04, 2002

What a great day out this has been. The sun has been glorious, the pool car I was using has both sun roof and air con so I've been swapping between the two to keep nice and cool either with or without noise and I got all my deliveries done. Only three things could have made it better: 1 - not spending half the day stuck behind volvo drivers resolutely doing 10-20 mph less than the speed limit whatever the road conditions; 2 - not feeling like I wanted to throw up for the stretch between Leiston and Saxmundham and 3 - an aux input socket on the car stereo. I have one on mine which is how I connect the MD player. Am currently about 1/3 in to the Star Wars radio series (300 minutes all on one disc in 4xLong Play!) and would have rather listened to that than Jimmy Young, but never mind. The rest of Radio 2 is worth that small segment, half of which I was having lunch for anyway.

Actually, make that 4 things. The cafe we used to use in Saxmundham has been taken over, and the new people have changed the menu dropping the pork & apple burger option. Which is a real blow - we'll have to find somewhere else to stop now!

Now I think it is definitely time to get out of here. Joan staff training this evening so I'm going to do a bit of shopping and have a leisurely stab at clearing the study until she gets home. That'll be me done then!

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