Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Oh, you have to laugh. Today half the papers are still QM and the other half are torn between how people are either paying too much or too little attention to her. I think my favourite quote so far has to be this one from the BBC Suffolk message board: "I'm sick of this nauseating grovel-fest. This is the 21st century, not the 15th. The BBC is doing its listeners no favours by the mass cancellation of the programmes we want to listen to just to whine about a woman that matters only to the feeble-minded and social climbers". Says pretty much everything there and applies just as well to the TV.

Tonight we begin the process of pandering to Joan's family's every whim by taking them a dining chair and coat hangers to borrow as they don't have enough. Why do I get the feeling that Joan and I are just going to get dragged along with what everyone else wants to do over the next week? Perhaps I'm being cynical, but I'm already getting hints along the lines of "they won't want to do" things we've offered as worth seeing etc. And if one single activity gets cancelled or cut short because of the damn dog or Alexander coming home from school I shall probably go a bit mad. Well, I shall at least make sure we take our car so have some control over things. Must make sure people realise this is our holiday as well as theirs.

Hmm, all of that sounds like I was feeling before we went to Canada last year, and that mainly came out alright in the end so perhaps my fears are unfounded. We shall see.

The cds from America finally arrived yesterday. Two new Miles Hunt eps and one from the Wonder Stuff. The Milo ones are labelled as selections from a forthcoming album, but as they are both dated for 2000 and the album itself has yet to materialise I thought I might as well invest in them anyway. The stuffies disc is one they gave away (or possibly sold) at the second batch of reunion gigs last Christmas featuring three tracks from the first wave that didn't make it to the eventual live album and a couple of other previously unheard tracks. Now all I need is time to listen to them! Probably tomorrow evening as Joan is doing a staff training session so will be home late. I wonder how much $35 will translate as on the Credit Card bill.

I have managed to find time to polish off a few more pages on Mr Trevithick and am finding it very interesting indeed. If only I'd though to bring it to work to read between the exciting bits (hmm, when were they?).

Think I will head up to Bury Road Park & Ride this afternoon. Mainly as a simple expedient for getting out of the office (and possibly therefore something to actually do when I get back) but also because they have a Scania demonstrator on loan at the moment which I fancy a nose at. Tomorrow I am having a day out delivering timetable books and, darn it, I'm having to go on my own so nobody will be forcing me to hurry!

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