Thursday, April 04, 2002

Well, a simple chair delivery took over an hour, but I am trying to be on my best behaviour (even if I was absolutely famished by the time we finally got home) and didn't make a fuss! And no plans made as yet for next week so it still has a chance of being enjoyable.

There was bugger all worth watching on the telly last night, so we finished off the Batman DVD boxset with Batman & Robin. Not the most popular film in the series with the critics (or indeed the cinema audiences) but I like it. George makes a good Bruce in my opinion, and we can always watch Alicia Silverstone in rubber. A-hem. I'm not sure why people didn't like it so much - after all if you look at some of the original comics they are even more ludicrous! That only leaves one film and a couple of tv series discs we haven't watched yet, although we have seen them when they were originally broadcast or off tape so nothing sitting their crying out too loud for attention.

Oh, and there was also an Australian Changing Rooms care of the satellite. Not sure about the style of the show there - the New Zealand version mirrors the UK one almost exactly, but the Ozzies do things a bit differently. Still, the end results were interesting as ever (with ideas that may make their way into our place when I have the energy to pick up a brush again) and the girl who presents it in white shorts has rather nice legs!

Hmm, I seem to be turning into a dirty old man today. Better get on with some work. Actually, am out doing the deliveries mentioned yesterday - but not going out until a bit later as have just ordered a bacon roll from Alberts. Well, one a week won't kill me (unlike some of my colleagues who seem to be indulging every day).

And finally for now, actually saw this Blog listed on the most recent updates bit of the front page after yesterday's waffling went on, so if anyone saw that had a look and has come back again - Hello!

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