Tuesday, April 02, 2002

I really must stop expecting to have time to do things I want to do over the weekend! And what a weekend it was too. Got the bedrooms finally finished and suitable for people to look at/sleep in, had a nice meal round ma & pa's while Grandma was up to visit and got thoroughly jarred off by the continuous Queen Mother's dead coverage on the tv. Why do the BBC bother having a 24 hour news channel but then taking over the others when something happens. And when they just spend hours repeating the same information over and over again it really gets on my wick. Although they were saying today that the BBC got 100 complaints about Peter Sissons not wearing a black tie while he was repeating himself but 700 about the continual messing up of the schedules. I think that says what we really think.

Personally, I was more upset by the passing of Barry Took (top comedy scriptwriter in the '50s and '60s and host of The News Quiz on Radio 4 for 25+ years) and the continual chaos in Israel than anything Royal. I don't know what I really believe when it comes to the grand scheme of things, but to be having running battles in what may be the birthplace of Jesus just seems wrong somehow. Still, what do I know?

So here I am back at work wondering what stupid questions people are going to fire at me this week. Mainly from the temp staff on the TraveLine who can't seem to remember stuff from one day to the next. Still, only 4 days of that this week, and with any luck I shall manage to get out of the office for at least one of those. And next week we have booked every day except Tuesday off to be with S&S. Technically, Joan is on a course on Tuesday, which is why I thought I might as well be at work, but it is of course the day they will be burying the Queen Mum, so anything might happen. Probably won't get an official day off for it, but we shall see.

Not sure what we will be doing together next week, I've provided details of loads of nice places to go but expect to be outvoted! They actually arrive on Friday and we are going to see them then as it's also their wedding anniversary but on Saturday we are on a pre-booked trip to York. Having to leave Ipswich at 0652 so leaving home at something like 0615. Urk. I think will have to have an early night on Friday!

More later perhaps.

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