Monday, April 08, 2002

Busy, busy, busy couple of days.

Friday night went round to Helen's to welcome the Canadian contingent. An evening of fun and jollity ensued during which I was reminded just how loud they all get when stuck in a room together! Still, was nice to see them again, and a bit shorter gap between visits than before.

Saturday's trip to York was great. Apart from the early start that is. Train trip went well - only a little bit late leaving Ipswich, whihc we made up on the way, and actually got home early, so not to be sniffed at. Was a bit strange whizzing through the old home town of Welwyn Garden City. And being on a train full of sad spotters was a joy to the laughter areas of the brain. Such frantic notebook action whenever we went past a station or depot ("Oooh, 607106, haven't got that one yet"). Funnier still was watching them at York running to get photos of a couple of rarities on other trips with about 30 seconds to spare before we were leaving - oh, and the crowds on the first 4 or 5 bridges as we left York with their zoom lenses at the ready.

York itself was lovely. Went to the Minster, Jorvik centre, Castle Museum and National Railway Museum as well as walking in the sun and having a good lunch. Should hopefully have some good pictures of some of that, so will sort out some onto the web soon. Oh, and have now taken some of the house, so they'll be on soonish too.

Yesterday we just met the mob down at the market and had a spot of lunch before they all came up here for dinner. Joan surpassed herself in the cooking stakes - absolutely top notch scoffing. And another round of fun and laughter.

Today we've wandered in to town to meet up for lunch, and now as I write the girls are at the bingo. I think the other chaps are at the pub watching football, which appeals to me about as much as sticking needles in my ears, so I'm here listening to the Orb and writing this!

Am actually at work tomorrow (well, originally Joan was supposed to be on a course, so I was going to take her in and back, but then that got cancelled when QM died but I'm still going in as watching the funeral is the last thing I want to do). Won't be in the office much though as there are a whole bunch of services changed today that I need to get out and do roadside publicity for. I bet there will be nowhere open serving lunches so I think I will take sarnies and park up in the sun somewhere! Report later.

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