Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Playing the waiting game again. Got most of the stuff I need to go out and get on with the stuff that dragged me in here today, but am just in need of a couple more timetables. And I really don't want to go out, come back and go out again - I'd rather go out late and get back late if that's what it takes. After all, I could use the extra minutes that such an eventuality will build up as I took a flexi-day off yesterday. Hopefully the roads will be fairly clear today as people sit on their backsides watching the ceremonials from Westminster.

Joan didn't win anything last night, but Shiela won enough so that when they shared it out it covered the costs of getting in, which is a start at any rate! I think they are planning to go again later in the week, so perhaps the millions will flow then. And perhaps it will rain frogs over the Kalahari and George W. Bush will turn out NOT to be an alien. Just enough to replace the car would do. The rattle is now diagnosed as a sticky tappet and will hopefully be sorted by a service on Wednesday 17th. Am borrowing the mother's for the time being.

Tum, tum, tumty, tum. Can't stand hanging about here - perhaps I'll just tart up what I've got into Word rather than waiting for the "proper" versions and get out of here. Of course that will ensure they arrive just as I don't need them... 10 minutes of browsing the web later, they still haven't shown so I'm definitely about to annoy myself by doing it in Word for no real reason!

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