Thursday, June 26, 2003

Started dull but today is turning out hot again. I do so resent being stuck at work on days like this but not really much we can do to avoid it - the bills won't pay themselves after all.

Still, I have been out in the sun already today having wandered down to Ipswich Buses to sort out the specification for the Martlesham P&R buses. I think they will be rather nice and I can now start thinking about livery designs and do some playing. All I need to know is if I need to make room for adverts or not this time. I do hope not as I have a few ideas to make them look a bit better than the other current fleet. And as they are adjacent to where our new office is I timed the walk back from there to town and the vitally importatnt threshold of out, shopping and back withing 30 mins still seems possible. Certainly it only took me 10 minutes to get to Smiths! Of course who knows where we will end up withing the building and how convoluted it will be to get in and out?

Will get some more semi-fresh air later when the books finally arrive - they are due at 2 and hopefully we will be able to get some around town before going home. Then tomorrow, sat, mon and tues at least out and about across Suffolk in the van.

Seems I was wrong about the flowers at the roadside being from both funerals as the second one isn't being held until today. So I guess there will be even more bloomage when I head home tonight. Still can't say I understand it though.

Other than that we are plodding on as usual. Joan is having to go to Bury St. Edmunds on the 8th of July for a meeting about why the shop is not meeting targets for Argos cards, insurances etc. Not really much more they can do I would have thought - its not like you can force people to take them up. All sales managers are having one so she shouldn't feel picked on or anything. I have booked the day off to take her and I guess we can claim the mileage!

Still hooked on Big Brother - especially since the double eviction last week and housemate swap with Africa this week. Not sure what it is that makes the show such compelling viewing, but I tend to find myself with a big smile for the duration of the show, which is worth a lot in my book.

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