Monday, June 23, 2003

Stone me, Thrash from The Orb/Fortran 5 has joined the Llamasoft forums. Another person who inspired me joins the fun! And he has stuck up a whole album's worth of stuff based on the files Madonna "leaked" to the internet in advance of her latest album coming out to try and pre-empt the pirates. Some of it is quite good and also funny so I think it will end up on mini-disc for further listening. Heck, he even provided cover artwork which is always nice.

It was only a week or so ago I was sorting out copies of a Fortran 5 track for Mr Minter himself then this happens. I wonder if I can "arrange" for any other musicians to sign up.

And stone me again, while I couldn't be bothered to go out this lunch time, Richard did and bought three second hand games for the Cube which obviously are sitting with me for the time being. So I think I will be exercising my thumbs tonight with Super Monkey Ball 2 if not the other two as well. Hopefully he will keep putting off getting his own system for a few months longer.

Sonic has gone off to a meeting in Lowestoft this afternoon and half the rest of the office has vanished too so once again all is quiet here. So I am sorting out some bits that should impress him (and keep him off my back for a day or two) in advance of tomorrow morning's 1 to 1 session.

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