Monday, June 23, 2003

So it rained all night, has been wet on and off so far this morning and still looks grey and threatening now. All of which can only mean one thing. Yes, today is the start of Wimbledon fortnight. Not sure if I will get to see any of the tennis again this year (work and Big Brother will no doubt take precedence) but I will have a stab. And of course it also rained a fair bit yesterday which totally changed our plans to get out and about for the day, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Saturday we did the mundane shopping for food and stuff in the morning. And also popped in to Smiths to NOT buy the Harry Potter book. Yes, Joan had pre-ordered me a copy but I persuaded here not to go through with the actual purchase (and indeed we got her deposit back) as (a) they were selling the book a couple of quid cheaper elsewhere and (b) as I said at the time I'm quite happy to wait until next year for the paperback. After all, I have plenty of other books sitting unread on the shelves to keep me going until then. In fact the biggest decision will be whether to re-read the first four, or perhaps just the ones not turned in to films as yet, before diving in. I used to do a lot of that with some series when there was a gap between volumes appearing but haven't over the last couple of years - mainly due to the vast numbers of books craving my attention. Whatever, it is a stonkingly huge book which will no doubt last me a day or two when I do get round to it!

In the afternoon we both crashed out in the Garden to catch up on a bit of lost sleep and some sun as well - it was wonderful weather with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool while still getting some colour from the sun (but not enough to burn). Quite amazing that we did manage to sleep so well really under the circumstances - not only was Steve up to his usual Saturday sawing, hammering and drilling (it must be two years now since their extension was finished. What can there be left to do?) butthe chap next door to Jerry was out in the Garden. With a mechanical digger. Not too sure how he managed to get it in to the garden, but he must have had fun using it as the thing could be heard working away all day (and also yesterday) and they have filled a skip up with junk and soil. I know the place was in a bit of a state before they moved in so it will no doubt be interesting to see the finished article, but I just wish they could be a bit quieter when working there.

Saturday night we were round to Ma & Pa for a summer solstice dinner. First time they've ever done anything to mark the longest day that I can remember, and very tasty it was too. Their next door neighbours were also there and a splendid time was had by all.

Yesterday, as mentioned, the rain stopped our picnic plans so we stayed home and blitzed the house instead. Which now looks pretty tidy in most rooms. I wonder how long we will manage to keep it that way. Joan always gets upset that "museum perfect" conditions don't seem to last very long, but we do live in the place rather than just visit from time to time so a little bit of putting things down and not picking them up is inevitable. Plus we do seem to accumulate junk without trying - especially pens. Where do they all come from? In between working we found the time to watch the last in the series of Casualty (and once more a gruesome cliff-hanger for us to ponder) and do some general sitting around and reading.

Now have only a few pages of the whole Otherland saga left to read. In fact I am past the end of the "plot" so to speak and in to the winding down tying up of loose ends de-briefing phase. I will reserve the passing of judgement until tomorrow though as I want to be sure of it all before commenting fully. All I will say for now is that although I was keen to know how it all winds up, I don't particularly want to say goodbye to most of the characters yet. But can't think of any excuse for a plot that would bring them all together again sometime.

Also fitted in a play of the last Chumbawamba album Readymades over lunch yesterday. Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but what a superb album that is. So far removed from their spiky punky origins but still very politically motivated. The musicianship is just sublime, to the point that I am sure if I were to listen to the whole disc under the right circumstances (i.e. focussed and with no distractions rather than in the car or while eating) then the moment in the last track when the guitar kicks in would probably move me to tears. It really is that good. Go and get a copy.

And so we are back to work for the week. Plenty going on to stop me going nuts with tedium this week so details of those when they happen. Fort now I have some timetables back from Pindar to be going along with.

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