Friday, June 20, 2003

Unkk. Can't believe I've got another 2½ months of this to come (just spread around the mouth). Apart from the pain of the moment the whole upper left where he has worked feels sunken in at the moment - like my whole cheek is being attracted to my teeth all the time. It is very disconcerting and begining to get on my nerves.

So, we have two people being chucked out of the Big Brother house tonight in a break from tradition. Could be interesting - I wonder what that will mean for the rest of the series. Perhaps the speculation will be right and they are planning to add someone new to the house. I expect we will watch with matchsticks at the ready to keep the eyes open as the second eviction is quite late (although Joan did suggest we go out again after it if Smiths in Felixstowe are doing midnight opening for the new Harry Potter book!). Still, no need to get up for anything any time in particular tomorrow or Sunday. Woo.

I think if weather and mouth permit I am going to just load Joan and a picnic in to the car on Sunday and head off into the scenic Suffolk countryside for the day. I quite fancy that. dontchaknow.

Oh, and here's a quote nicked from someone else's blog that made me laugh in a Matrix meets Lord of the Rings way:

Nothing to do with Games...
...but inspired by the fact that actor Hugo Weaving plays both Elrond and Agent Smith.

"You seem to live two lives, Mr. Baggins. In one, you are a peaceful and productive resident of the Shire. In the other, you flit about the world in the company of wizards, dwarves, and other low lives, apparently attempting to hurl a magic ring into a volcano.

"One of these paths has a future, Mr. Baggins."

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