Friday, June 20, 2003

Spoken to the dentist and it seems the sensitivity is normal and should go away again in a couple of days, which is good news. If a little disheartening to know it will probably be something I have to put up with for the other three events as well, and if it does happen for the last one it will probably be while we are on our holiday. Great. I just wish I could switch off from thinking about the whole thing for a couple of days, but every time I even consider eating or drinking the whole enormity of what is still to come thuds down on me. I'll try to be a brave little soldier!

We were both too knackered to even think about cooking last night so went round to the White Horse for our dinner. Don't seem to have been for ages but it was just as tasty as normal.

Joan starting her weekend off today, and should be coming in to Ipswich with Mum for a spot of shopping this afternoon. I don't expect I will be able to pop out and see them, but it will at least give me an excuse to leave early. And hopefully we will then get a good couple of days off together with sun and fun.

Time for a spot of lunch now.

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