Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Unbelievable. I thought that perhaps now the two funerals had taken place for the lads who were knocked down over the road from here that the council would start to clear away the flowers. Wrong. They have in fact been added to - all the ones from the funerals themselves. Including the wreaths, floral names etc. Now that I really can't understand and smacks to me a bit of publicity seeking on the part of the families. I could be wrong and they may just find it a good way to let go, but the mere thought of making something as heart rending as losing a child so public just strikes me as very odd.

But then, grief is a funny thing. Joan has had to go back to the Doctor and is now in the process of sorting out some formal grief counselling now the anniversary of her Dad is approaching. I am trying to be as supportive as possible but I think this is a lot deeper than I can comprehend. Whatever, I'll be there for her.


So, final thoughts on the whole Tad Williams Otherland experience. Overall, a very good read. Quite deep in places with much to think about at the end. I can see how he must have had the same sort of fun as I mentioned back whenever for the Clarke/Baxter collaboration (The Light Of Other Days) in deciding which bits of history and other literature to use in the numerous virtual worlds encountered by the protagonists. Some of the settings were just brilliant, and very well described to really get a feeling of being there in the thick of the action. Some of the ending seemed a bit rushed/compacted as the myriad of story lines were all woven together again and I think perhaps we could have done with following a smaller number of people so as to get a better understanding of each, but then that would have lost the enormous scope of the plot. I dunno. Let me just say I enjoyed it and will no doubt enjoy it again in 5 or 6 years time.

New book to be started later today is: A History Of Engineering In Classical And Medieval Times by Donald Hill which looks fascinating and might just explain lots of old monuments and stuff.

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