Friday, January 17, 2003

Spent yesterday out and about in the van with Ray - taking down the Park & Ride Christmas signs and delivering some books. Lovely sunny weather made it a very pleasant experience, and I even managed to take a gorgeous picture of the river Alde up at Snape. Oooh, I love having my camera.

Last night was odd. I got home early enough to take Joan up to get her back cracked, we then did a bit of shopping and dropped some stuff off for Helen. By the time we got home I was feeling really spaced out, and it didn't help when we had an unexpected visit form (another) Ray to talk about hanging some new doors for us. Ended up feeling all over the place but at the same time detatched from myself by the time we went to bed. Still, I did squeeze in the last few pages of ...Maurice which I have now decided was very good. Just not the rib-tickling humour of the more adult books. ER was also very good again.

Today I went to a Car Parks meeting in the morning, which was nice as I actually had something to talk about for a change. Yup, the third P&R site finally got planning approval yesterday so we are now about to get into full building mode and go for it. I have to say I'm quite looking forward to it, and hopefully can really get into the thick of things this time. Still not sure how the actual operations will work, what with strong commercial services running along much the same route but I guess we'll find out as the year progresses.

Then this afternoon I have had another big clear-out in readiness for the move. This is now likely to be in the next couple of weeks so I thought it was time I got on with things.

Not sure what will be happening tonight as yet - Joan will be working late for the new Catalogue launch and Tracey has left at lunchtime leaving the new boss Gill in charge. There shouldn't be any major problems I'm sure but you never know. I think I will just stick some big spuds in the oven and wait for the phone to ring. And then hopefully I can have a relaxing weekend.

Don't know whether it was just Joan talking about work couple with me being tired, or the fact that next week will be five years since I last worked for Argos/went off sick with all the stress and depression but had yet another "back in the old job" dream last night. As usual it was at Newmarket rather than Stowmarket where all the hassle happened, so that was a relief at least. And for once this one actually ended with me telling the Manager that they couldn't possibly pay me enough money for me to go back there from what I do now. So that was a nice resolution for a change. It did, however, leave my head in an Argos mode when I woke up leading to a bit of the old self-recrimination/could I have done it better stuff that has bugged me since. I thought I was finally clear of that but it seems not. Must think nice thoughts this weekend and relax and enjoy myself I think.

Musically I have really enjoyed the Police all week. OK, so listening to it all in one go did show up the fact that they did let one or two duff tracks out there, but on the whole a sound body of work. Now going back to random selections interspersed with working through a few artists in their entirity but not all in one go, if you see what I mean!

That'll do I think - this has been a recorded message, brought to you in association with Kit-Kat.

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