Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Well, I didn't go out last night in the end. Decided to kick back with some music (finally got the next Wonder Stuff MD recorded to send to the USA) and a bit of Super Monkey Ball. Which was good as I finally got to enough play points to unlock one of the mini games. I did have 2 of the 3 available before the sodding memory card decided to eat my SMB details (left everything else OK) so having to re-gain them is a pain. Went for Billiards as it was the one I'd not played before. Very good and will get lots of play I think. Anyway, Joan is out again tonight and I think I will make the trip round the corner.

Today has proved to be pretty much an average Tuesday so far with nothing really to rave about. Managed to avoid spending significant money whilst mooching about town over lunch.

Today is also the second day of a manager-less office in the main as they are finally doing some interviews for the five vacant posts we have. Quite whether these will result in any people joining the team before Easter is another matter entirely of course. Hopefully there will be some decent ones to help ease the pressures people are beginning to crack under. Of course them being nice, understanding and not wanting to change everything on day one will be useful too while we are at it.

In car entertainment has been wide and varied from the CD selection of late so this week I thought I'd settle on a band. As such I'm in for a complete works run through from The Police. This is of course made simple by having the box set of everything! Not listened to some of it for a couple of years so am enjoying the driving thoroughly. Although not to the point where I am looking for traffic jams and hold-ups in order to stay in the car longer.

Not really much else to add. Am trying to make more time to read again, but am still on ...Maurice at the moment. I guess the fact that it was intended as a children's version of Discworld could explain it, but I'm not feeling quite as enthralled as I have been by other Pratchett stuff of late. Caught a few extra pages yesterday when I was on the Park & Ride buses, not that I plan to make that a regular part of the day either just to get some words absorbed. Hey ho.

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