Sunday, January 12, 2003

And so far most of it has indeed been pretty good. OK, so Friday I went to bed early with a splitting headache and it was still there when I woke up yesterday but it was gone by lunchtime and since then things have been pretty woosome.

We did manage to see LOTR TTT yesterday and damn good it was too. Better than the first one as not so much introductions to character stuff needed and loads of action. Hats off to all involved cos it must have been a real slog at times. Plus the computer graphic work on Gollum and the Ents is superb. Knocks things like Jar Jar Binks totally into the shade. Roll on the final part now.

Got home in time for Casualty and (finally) the first part of Messiah 2. And it has to be said there wasn't too much in there that I could see justifying them not showing it when originally scheduled. Oh well. Concludes tonight and should be good.

Joan is back at work today so I have been ironing as normal! Watched Groundhog Day + commentary this morning and plan to do the third American Pie 2 one this afternoon. Now listening to the new Sum 41 cd (why has it taken me so long since Christmas?) - more of the same really so hopefully they will expand a bit next time around. Heck, an album over 30 minutes would be nice! Back to iron now...

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