Monday, January 13, 2003

A very good evening ensued yesterday. There was obvioulsy the planned viewing of the conclusion of Messiah (which was absolutely superb and kept me guessing literally right to the very end - much my preferred form of detective story, rather than the Columbo style where you know whodunnit from the start and just watch the police going through the motions). However, we also managed to fit in my first ever viewing of Look Who's Talking which was pretty good (thanks, Sky Movies) and Joan's first ever of The Wizard Of Oz. I was amazed to learn she'd never seen it before. And from the DVD it looks superb. The only shame is that widescreen hadn't been invented when it was made!

Plus I made a rather tasty dinner. Grilled chicken on a bed of multi-mash (a ring of potato, cabbage and raw onion mash encircling a portion of carrot and parsnip mash). Followed by ice cream with a superb toffee sauce on it.

All in marked contrast to the chaos of this morning which saw me sleeping through the alarm. Not a good start to the day leaving me getting up an hour later than scheduled. So a quick exit from the house met with horrendous traffic trying to get out of Felixstowe (never did find out why, probably just loads going down to the docks). That meant I'd never get a space in the car park here so I diverted to Park & Ride instead. I did have an excuse to go there as we are having drainage problems and that meant there was a hole I could look into and take pictures of. Leading to arriving in the office at 10. Oh well, back to normal from that point with bits and bobs to do on assorted topics.

And now off home again (well, off to get my bus now anyway). Joan is out tonight and I may go round to see Richard, but may just sit in playing games instead. Will see how I feel at the time.

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