Monday, January 20, 2003

Definitely a Grand Old Duke of York weekend just gone. When it was up it was up but when it was down it sure was down.

Saturday started great for me. I got a load of old files and junk cleared off the PC making room for some last bits and bobs of music I had kicking around on zip discs to go on. Then got a load of ironing done whilst finishing off the MDs to send to America and later made and printed the inlays for them. And I even managed to squeeze in a viewing of War Games one of the best cold war/teen hacker combo films ever as far as I am concerned. Great performances from all involved (and the realisation a couple of years ago as to why I recognised Barry Corbin when I forst saw Northern Exposure) and fond teenage wibbly thoughts about Ally Sheedy. Looking forward to re-visiting it again soon with the commentary.

Then I went to pick Joan up, which is where the down bit kicked in. It was her first full day with the new Manager and to say that they did not get on would be a boit of an understatement. It seems Gill has rubbed everyone up the wrong way and there was talk of a mass exodus if she didn't sort herself out pronto. All of which left Joan in tears when I got her home and in need of much TLC. Not a good way to ingratiate yourself with a new set of staff. Having just spoken to her, Joan has said a few things today which will hopefully ease the situation but she wouldn't give me the full details so I will just have to wait until I get home to find out more. Fingers crossed.

We then finished off after calming down with a fab stir-fry from our new wok (The old one having bit the dust recently) and a bit of Casualty. Nice.

Yesterday we did another trawl round all the big DIY stores looking at doors. I had completely forgotten that we had set the process of getting the interior doors replaced before Christmas (as mentioned on Friday). They are to be done this Friday now (provided I can get them in the car tomorrow) so that buggers my New Year's resolution of not touching a paintbrush this year. We also had a tasty junk food lunch out (Mmmm, double rodeo burger, you are my friend) and looked at some cute birds in a pet shop.

Then it was round the corner to Ma & Pa's for tea. That went very well and they managed to avoid the work issues for most of the night and then skillfully change the subject before it got too stressful when it did come up. A good evening on the whole.

Today I have been thrashing in new and revised timetables to go off for printing. Some big changes coming up (again) which will need a supplementary booklet preparing (again). One day I'd love to have a stable network.

Didn't go out at lunch time today due to excessive water hurling itself fromt he sky. However, I have been out now as there were some films to post off to Pindar in Preston. Our in-house post people can't handle special delivery so it means a walk to the post office whenever we have something in production. This did mean I was able to take a quick look in Out Of Time but though tempted I managed to resist buying any cheap CDs.

New Boook! I am now progressing nicely with Tunnel Visions by Christopher Ross. Very good. A mix of his experiences, anecdotes and reflections garnered whilst working for London Underground interspersed with other tales from his travels, bits of psychology and other rambling passages. Just the kind of book I'd end up with if I was trying to write about this job I expect.

OK, time to go see if the Felixstowe Homebase has the doors we settled on or if I've got to come back to Ipswich after work tomorrow.

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