Thursday, January 23, 2003

Interesting day.

The drive up to Beccles was in the main fun and relaxed, but there were a couple of annoying hold ups caused by roadworks which obviuosly had people behind me fuming as they were hanging far too close to my rear end. And just when I was almost in sight of my goal I was further diverted by a Policeman after an accident ahead. Great. Oh well, got there in the end.

Graham looks nicely settled into his new job and they have some pretty nifty kit on the printworks. Wandering around there was just a joy to a lover of books like me, the smells of ink and paper alone were enough! Anyway, the data people reckon they can do pretty much anything we want if I can get Routewise to spit it out properly so I will do a bit more playing around at this end and quite possibly save us £30-40,000 a year in printing costs if it works. We shall see.

Also managed to fit in a nice sausage sandwich at the King's Head across the road and catch up on a bit of the family news and stuff since he left Pindar. Oh, and getting rained on as well. Always good to fit that in...

On the way back I detoured via Leiston to deliver some bus boards to an operator there. I do like that part of the county a lot, and if the rain hadn't been doing its thing would probably have stopped once or twice to take some suitably scenic snapshots. Oh well, plenty of time for that to come. Also detoured into Wickes to pick up the door handles and latches. Should be very nice when I get home tomorrow.

Arrived back here to find my desk in its new place. I think I will soon get used to it, although in theory I do have a new desk on the way. Not sure now if I want to change the angle I'm sitting at (supposed to be swapping from a right bend to a left bend) but we will see when the time comes. Of course being nearer to the window doesn't make a difference to me as I am still far enough away NOT to be distracted by pretty young student girls passing by, and I am also further form some of the other noises in the rest of the team so in all probably a good move. And then got to meet the new boss. Chris Seaman. Seems OK on first impressions so hopefully he will stay OK. He is coming from a London background so it might take him a bit of adjustment to get used to the slower Suffolk ways!

Then again, if what they are saying on the news is confirmed, we will be on the move again soon anyway. A new office block for the power company TXU is being built across town, however they went bust and got sold to Powergen who don't want the new home. In many ways it would be nice to move to a spacious, airy, modern building but as it was designed for 800 and we have 1300 to squeeze in it will probably be just as useless as this one. Plus it is further from the town centre so although I might be pleased to be away from the shops, it will be a bugger when I do need to go in.

Tonight Joan is staying late due to a staff meeting to get Gill properly introduced and see where they are all going. I hope it will be OK and not a cause for more fireworks. I will find out when I pick her up I guess.

And finally for today, finished Tunnel Visions and despite wandering off into too much theory/philosophy and not enough transport stuff I still enjoyed it a lot. Have now Started on the Otherland saga by Tad Williams with book one City Of Golden Shadow. Only read the prologue thingy last night so can't really comment on it just yet, but looks interesting and entertaining, as all good fiction should be. I don't think I will read the whole series in one go though, as each book is enormous. Some light relief in between volumes will no doubt be required.

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