Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Hmm, I had intended to add to yesterday's waffle during the afternoon but circumstances conspired against me. First blogger refused to publish, then there was more furniture moving to assist with (and that is still going on today). That was then compounded by a quick look in to the Llamasoft Forums which lasted a bit longer than planned. Yup, the long awaited IT has been revealed at last as a game called Unity for the Gamecube. So, yay! I have the right hardware already (as suspected). OK, so there is still likely to be another year of waiting, but at least we now know what we are waiting for and I can keep on with my learning of Cube hardware and generally getting better at games.

Joan heard last night that Gill had been at the meeting yesterday claiming that it was actually Lesley who ran the store anyway. Hopefully though things will be improving now - I dropped her off just as the evil one was arriving and there wasn't an immediate punch-up on the doorstep. And nearly three hours later I've not had Joan on the phone asking for help, in tears or announcing her resignation so fingers are crossed. I do hope they can find a way to work together and that Gill is only there for the three months initially mentioned as I don't want to see Joan affected this way.

Homewise I bought the four doors for downstairs last night. So thanks to Dad for lending me his big car to transport them in. Luckily they had them in stock in Felixstowe so no trip to Ipswich (and more importantly as they were a fraction of a smidgeon too long, no trip home with the boot open). Plan to pick up the handles (well, knobs actually) and latches tomorrow on my way back from a meeting in Beccles.

We also took a viewing of a video tape sent over from Canada last night. A mix of the Christmas lights around Burlington and Oakville, Caroline & Chris's new house and Darrell's new band. Very nice indeed the lot of them. Although I don't get the concept of selling you a house with the basement unfinished. Surely you have enough to do on moving in without that to sort as well? I will have to take advice from people on the appropriate side of the Atlantic there I think. I would also get some colour in to the house asap but that's just me.

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