Friday, August 23, 2002

Up and down kind of a day so far. Stayed at home finishing off a few bits and bobs first thing which was good as I was able to listen to the Springsteen again and play a bit of Gridrunner. Then off to the doctors for a nurse to suck some blood out of me. Only ever had blood tests once before and that was at hospital. I was having chest pains and the doc decided I needed an Xray. That proved nothing so they did some tests then - couldn't get any blood out of either elbow and eventually took it from one wrist after failing at the other. V. painful and also proved nothing. It was probably the beginings of all the Argos related stress coming out in a hurty way as all the tests proved was that I was in pretty good shape. Today they took 4 phials of blood so I hope they get some sort of conclusion from them. I lived up to expectations by feeling a bit wobbly afterwards and having to lie down for 5 mins. I guess I'm not likely to become a regular blood donor just yet!

Finally made it in to the office at 1130 and was out again almost straight afterwards. Had to take a disc up to Ipswich Buses, which was nice to get back in the sun. Trouble was, after I'd been in to Boots for a sandwich the rain decided to fall. To say I got wet on the way back to the office would be a pretty accurate description. Drip, drip, drip goes the Simon (to paraphrase Chumbawamba).

Now I am stuck on the TraveLine for the afternoon (well, until 430 anyway) as the agency person hasn't shown up and there is no-one else free. Not my favourite job in the office, but probably the last time I'll have to do it as the line closes soon. We could really have got away without me here as well given the number of calls I've taken but never mind. I've been able to catch up with some web stuff I wanted to look at instead!

Finally got round to watching The Big Blue last night. Quite a slow moving film and concentration needed to make sense of some of it, but very enjoyable nonetheless. Some fantastic underwater photography and loads of Dolphins. My only real issue with it is one that occurs with a lot of DVDs - the chapter titles listed on the inlay. I know they have to call them something, but I wish they'd choose names that don't give the plot away. Same with Soundtracks - when they come out before the film and a casual glance reveals a funeral march or wedding song that does kind of spoil things.

Oh well, only an hour to go and then I get the car. Wahay!

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