Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Wow, what a great weekend that was. Started in top form when I left here on Friday to pick the car up and never looked back. Mmm, nice shiny car now they've cleaned it and it smells lovely inside - all fruity. It drives very well, all the toys seem to work and even better than all of that, it doesn't seem to have the invisibility option switched on - unlike so many other cars I have driven. Yup, no-one has seen fit to drive out in front of me or anything as if I wasn't there yet. I'm sure it won't last though. Obviously we had to show it off to everyone on Friday night so we didn't actually get home until nearly 8, but it was worth the effort to save the rest of the weekend for more fun stuff.

Saturday Joan was at work (boo, hiss, but it was the only day she had to go) so I pottered about the house during the morning doing general tidying up and stuff like that. Then in the afternoon it was round to Ma & Pa followed by a sit on the beach as my Cousin Anna and family were up for a visit. Very pleasant, especially as the sun had deigned to shine upon us. Three great (if mad) kids who were thrilled to get on the beach and in the sea. The only down point of the day followed that when I went to pick Joan up from work and ended up sitting outside the shop for nearly an hour. Not fun, but it has made sure I will now always carry something to read with me whenever I have to collect her. Not Joan's fault - incompetent staff messing up the tills mainly.

In the evening we had Alexander over to stay and have a big fat Chinese meal. We watched Unbreakable which is one of the top 10 DVDs we have bought - combining a top film and a good transfer with superb packaging as well. I really must get around to watching the feature about comics on disc 2 sometime as it should be interesting. Poor chap was nodding off by the end though as it was also his first day at work for Tesco, and they put him on the 0630-1530 shift. Wouldn't have been my idea of fun either.

On Sunday we took him out with us to break in the new car. First stop was the Anglo Saxon burial ground at Sutton Hoo (just over the river from us really). They have opened a proper visitor centre there this year so we were treated to a short film along with lots of exhibits (including some of the actual treasures found there on loan from the British museum), reconstructions etc. Then a good walk out to and around the mounds themselves. They were doing proper guided tours as well as the look for yourself option we took, but wanted and extra £2 a head (on top of the £3.50 entrance fee) so we thought we'd save that for a possible future visit should we ever join the National Trust as you do actually get to walk on the mounds themselves.

Despite the inevitable crowds of people I really got a good feeling of the history and significance of the place when we were looking around. Plus being able to walk around places knowing people were doing the same hundreds or thousands of years ago always sends a chill down my spine. The views down to the river and across to Woodbridge were also tremendous, and make it even more alive when you can see the route they must have taken to drag the ships up for burial. Plus they have sheep grazing all over the site to preserve the landscape by natural means, which is always a bonus. I do like a nice sheepie.

As the coffee shop on site had nothing Alexander fancied for lunch (which was a bit of a pity in my view as I really fancied the local free range sausages, but don't plan on paying a second entry fee for those either) we went off to the Three Horseshoes at Charsfield instead. Of all the places we have tried for food when out doing Roadside this has to be the best, and I have taken Joan there before as it is just so damn good. Sunday was no exception and I stuffed myself silly. We were also joined by Basil, one of their cats who sat on the bench seat with us and generally made himself available for any spare morsels we may have had to pass his way. A real friendly moggy even after the plates had been cleared away, so it wasn't all begging!

Then we came back via Ipswich to shop at Sainsburys, took Alexander home and generally collapsed for the evening. Watched American Pie 2 again (still funny) and mellowed out nicely.

Yesterday was also good. After a lazy start we did a bit of tidying up in the front garden then went in to town. There we obtained a big "dinosaur egg" thingy and some gravel for the front garden - when we had it paved last year we left a gap for a feature plant, but as two have now died in the space we decied to give up and get something permanent instead. I cemented it in when we got back and it seems to have set nicely.

We also finally managed to get lunch at Puccino's. My second attempt and Joan's third! This time we were given a menu within 3 minutes of sitting down, our order was taken very promptly after that and arrived pretty quickly too. And they held off bringing the drinks until the food was ready, unlike many places where you can finish the drink before you get to eat. Very nice Ciabattas too.

Then a relaxed afternoon (oh and some ironing) before dinner and What Women Want on DVD. Another brilliant film, and very funny. Not what you would normally expect from either Mel Gibson or Helen Hunt, but all the better for that I think. Can't decide if I'd want that "gift" or not really. I get distracted enough at the best of times.

Today has been back to work, but not too onerous to ease in to. Plus I managed to get out at Lunchtime and came back with the new Queens Of The Stone Age cd - Songs For The Deaf. Listened to it this afternoon while processing concessionary fare payments and most excellent it was too. It also comes with a free DVD but no indication of what is on it, so I'm looking forward to taking that home and plugging it in.

In the car this week will be Iron Maiden. All the albums in order, with the exception of Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son as we listened to that on Sunday. Right time to go home now I think.

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