Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Excitement has worn off a bit today. Still fairly happy, but also a teensy bit bored again. Am back to waiting for stuff to come in from Pindar rather than having anything specific to do. Or at least anything I fancy doing. Anyway, at least the sun is shining and I was able to get out for a walk at lunch time. Have also booked some days off while Joan is off so we can do some relaxing and fun things and stuff. And the kidlets will be back at school.

Maiden-watch: With waiting outside Argos I got to the end of the Paul Di'Anno era (Iron Maiden, Killers) last night and am now in to Bruce Dickinson territory. Have started The Number Of The Beast and will no doubt get on to Piece Of Mind on the way home. Might not get much further before Friday though as not picking Joan up tonight (she has to work late and will get a lift home) and she is on a course in Ipswich tomorrow along with a colleague of hers, so if I give them lifts the music will not be playing. Of course if she goes in with him it will be a further guitar frenzy.

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