Sunday, August 18, 2002

Oh man is it hot today. Even just sitting here with the window open and nothing else going on is hot. How I am going to get any ironing done later is a definite mystery to me.

Yesterday was in many ways a lazy day. Joan got up fairly early, but I had a good lie in to catch up on some of that missing sleep. Then after a fiddle about on here and working out of finances we went shopping.

Tesco at Martlesham - where we also had lunch and then spent less than expected which was good.

Especially as on the way home we bought a new car. Yup, we finally did the deed. OK, so not a brand new one but only 5 years old. And we have stayed with the Escort rather than going smaller, but that's OK as at least I know where it will fit and stuff. A slightly larger engine so we will have to pay a bit more road tax and insurance but hey, we're worth it!

It also comes with all the gizmos - electric everything (including seat adjustment), airbag, cd player and Air Conditioning. Never thought that would be essential for a car in this country but hey, I'm not about to complain. Could have used it yesterday on the way to the shops.

So I pick it up on Friday after work when they will have serviced and MOT'd it and scrubbed it top to toe. Now all I need to do is work out how to tell people (especially Ma & Pa who have been involved in all my car dealings up to now) and dig out all the paperwork for the old one.

When we got home we had a nose about at holidays once again. Glad we didn't pick Prague as it appears to be underwater at the moment. Depending upon availability and what the weather over there is doing we might have a week in Austria or we might just stay at home and chill out.

I was felling tired again despite the late uprising (and also very hot and shaky - probably just the thrill of the car catching up with me) and ended up going to bed straight after we had eaten at 8ish - and then sleeping through until this morning. I think I will have to insist the Doctor does something for me about this tomorrow. I also want him to look at my right foot which has been hurting (and getting worse) since Tuesday. Totally jarred off with my body at the moment - it seems to be conspiring against me.

Today Joan is at work once again and I have a mound of ironing to attack as soon as I post this. There is the Hungarian Grand Prix this afternoon which I shall probably watch as I press even if Schumi has got the championship sewn up. Currently listening to Eat Static - In The Nude!. Very good stuff. And yes that is the name of the album, not my condition clotheswise - it's hot here but not that hot.

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