Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Tuesday, 1105 as I start writing this. I've been in the office since 0831 and managed to do about 20 minutes worth of real work in all that time. I knew I did the right thing by being at home yesterday. Anyway, an update on the time since Sunday morning:

Surprisingly enough, I managed to fall asleep a few laps in to the GP. To say that I was a bit fed-up with myself for it happening when I did come round would be something of an understatement. So naturally that was top of the agenda with the doctor yesterday. He thinks it could just be that with all the disturbances of late I've just got into a strange sleep pattern that has taken over and could possibly use a teensy bit more exercise. However, I am also going back in on Friday for some blood tests so we will know a bit more when the results of those come back.

Sunday night was quite pleasant at Ma & Pa's. No problems about the car (other than perhaps a spot of jealousy as it will be the newest in the family). Their extension is coming along nicely and they also had a present for us. A big (1m+) thermometer for the garden. It looks really good sat in the lawn and we can read it from the kitchen to decide whether to go out or not!

Yesterday, as mentioned was a working at home day due to the doctor's appointment. I could have come straight in afterwards but would have struggled to park so thought I'd be better off at home - and a load more productive too. As well as the sleep thing I let him have alook at my hurty foot. Couldn't find anything major so probably just a strained ligament that will sort itself out over time. Doesn't do much for the pain though!

Joan came with me so after we emerged we went for a drink and ended up having poached eggs on toast as well. I knew I wouldn't miss the Alberts run! Then had a bit more of a look at holidays before heading home to work.

I did loads of map updating, timetable sorting out, index compiling, scanning and stuff while Joan blitzed the house. I think we both did what we wanted to get done as I have a list of things ticked off and the house looks lovely. I also found the time to sort out the insurance for the car and knock off another level of Gridrunner.

Then it was off to Chris for another head rub thingy. Not sure how I'm feeling about it all at the moment. Might not go again - will see how I feel over the next couple of days. Not what I'm really after, a bit expensive plus he thinks I should try some diet supplements which I'm a bit dubious about. Especially as they are also likely to be expensive.

Ohm and have now started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as I couldn't hold off any longer. Good so far, even if it will mean a longer wait for the next one.

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